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    COS Markers

    The development of universal markers that can be assayed across taxa, but which are polymorphic within taxa, can facilitate both comparative map-based studies and phylogenetic analyses. We have developed a set of such markers for use across the Compositae. Using alignments of a conserved orthologous set (COS) of ESTs from lettuce and sunflower and genomic sequences from Arabidopsis, we designed a suite of primers that are conserved across species, but which are predicted to flank introns. Of 192 primer pairs tested in 8 species from across the family, 163 produced an amplicon in at least 1 taxon, and 125 amplified in at least half of the taxa surveyed. Thirty-nine amplified in all 8 species. The vast majority of these loci are predicted to be polymorphic within species. The accompanying file contains primer sequences as well as details regarding amplification success, product size, etc. from all species tested.
    Source: Chapman et al. (2007) Theor. Appl. Genet. 115: 747-755
    Download COS Markers
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