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    Lettuce Genome Sequencing Consortium
    Annotation Jamboree
    UC Davis, Sept 28 Oct. 20, 2011

    Wednesday, September 28 Friday September 30. Genome annotation course. This course is presented by Barry Moore, Research Scientist, University of Utah, and Professor Ian Korf, UC Davis Genome Center. This is the final course in a series of training courses run by the UCD Genome Center that are open to anyone. This course will provide training for the subsequent annotation jamboree. There will be a charge for this and possibly it will fill up quickly. Acceptance will be on a space available basis. Course content, registration, and accommodation details are posted at

    Monday, October 3 Wednesday, October 19. Lettuce annotation jamboree. Oct. 3 to Oct. 11 will focus on annotation of individual species; the main emphasis will be on lettuce but individual researchers may work in parallel to annotate other Compositae species. Wednesday, October 12th: Workshop on analyses of synteny and comparative genomics. Oct. 13th to Oct. 19 noon will include syntenic and evolutionary comparisons to other genomes within and outside of the Compositae as well as continuing the annotation of lettuce. It is hoped to have experts representing other species participate. Please contact Richard Michelmore ( if you are interested in attending throughout or just Oct. 12th to 19th with a brief statement as to your interest in the workshop and your background. The end goal of this jamboree is to have refined the automated annotation of lettuce and assimilated multiple sources of information including syntenic information. It will also provide training in bioinformatics and establish a community of experts interested in the lettuce genome. There will be no charge for participation in the jamboree. Participants will be required to bring their own laptop and will be responsible for all travel, meals, and accommodations.

    Thursday, October 20th: Compositae Whitepaper meeting. This will be an all-day public meeting to discuss and reprioritize the Compositae Whitepaper ( This format will be similar to the 2006 meeting with presentations in the morning and workshops in the afternoon. Please register at

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