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    Welcome to CGP

      Contig Viewer (2007)
    Current version of Contig Viewer (2007) display assemblies of all Compositae ESTs available at NCBI GenBank:
      Contig Viewer (CGP1 & CGP2)
    CGP2 ( 2006 ) version of Contig Viewer represent Lactuca spp. assemblies (CLS_S3_Contig# and CLX_S3_Contig#) that was used for the Lettuce Affymetrix GeneChip design and analysis:

    Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) 6.6 Million Feature Affymetrix GeneChip web site:
      Contig Viewer (CGP1)
    Old version of Contig Viewer ( CGP1 2000 2003 ) is available here:
      Access to Archived Web Pages
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