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      Species name: Yacón (Smallanthus sonchifolius [Poeppig and Endlicher] H. Robinson.)
    Yacón is an herbaceous perennial native to Andean highlands, from southern Colombia to northern Argentina (ón). The species is cultivated in the Andes and sporadically elsewhere for its crisp, sweet-tasting tubers. Yacón is a close relative of sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke, and recent classifications place it in subfamily Asteroideae, Tribe Millerieae, and subtribe Milleriinae. The species has a gametophytic chromosome number of 30, and some authors have speculated that Yacón is an allotretraploid. However, its genome size is currently unknown.
    • Nucleotide sequences (1 total) on GenBank as of 12/2012: available here
    • EST library based on 454 sequencing (436 Mbp): not available yet
    • Assembly information: download here
      Images of Smallanthus sonchifolius
      Figure 1: Yacón. Photo by Fk. 2005; licensed for re-use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.
      CGP Activities
    We generated the EST library described above, which we are using to assess expression differences between leaves and tubers and to determine the distribution of whole genome duplications in the Compositae.
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