In 2006, in order to further research on Compositae species it was suggested that a white paper was developed to help set research and hence funding priorities. This was initially to assist Federal funding agencies in the USA; however, it was hoped that it also would serve as a template for international research and funding efforts as well. In addition, it was also to be a precursor to white papers for genome sequencing of individual species.

The original draft was reflective of the perspectives of the Compositae Genome Project. Suggestions were incorporated from the successful Compositae White Paper (CWP) meeting that was held on August 17, 2006. This consisted of scientific presentations in the morning and break-out groups to discuss priorities followed by an integrating session in the afternoon. The afternoon sessions considered several questions. Subsequent to the meeting, further input was solicited from the broad community of researchers working on Compositae species. This feedback was used to revise the white paper. However, no revision has occurred since 2007. The whitepaper is now out of date and needs be updated and refocused.

Much scientific progress has occurred in the Compositae over the past five years accompanied by dramatic technical advances. Genome sequencing of lettuce and sunflower are in progress and well advanced. Extensive catalogs of transcribed genes have been generated for nearly 50 species. Ultra-dense maps are becoming available for several species. Cloning and analysis of evolutionarily significant and agriculturally important genes have been achieved and is becoming increasingly facile. Comparative genomics and syntenic comparisons among species in the Compositae and to species outside the family are becoming possible. It is time to review this progress and revise the whitepaper to reflect the new resources and research opportunities available.

Therefore, we will hold a second Compositae Whitepaper Meeting on Thursday, October 20th at UC Davis. We will review the current status of research in the family as well as hold discussions to consider research priorities. Please join us. The CWP meeting will be preceded by a 2.5 week lettuce annotation jamboree and workshop on synteny in the Compositae.

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